Easy life sucks

The human brain has got this awesome power saving mode. Thinking is a shitty business. Running electric pulses through million neurons just to lift the food off the plate in a spoon is what your brain did while you were trying this for the first time. Your brain needs a lot of power to work. But it is smart. When it realises that you are required to do that task too often, it understands and moves the process to a different part where the code is simplified and hardwired. So brain eliminates power consuming, consciously thinking part and yet does the task successfully. If you repeat some task or thought or action over a period, your brain will skip thinking. You won’t even notice how you lifted the food, chewed, swallowed, or changed the gears of your car from first to fifth.

The hard way

“Time” is the creation of your brain. Your brain gives you a sense of time. Every person has its own understanding of time. You might have heard this, ” Oh, this week felt like a month” after returning from a vacation or “Damn, this month went away too fast!!” Your brain creates this illusion based on the data you give it to. It’s like this; the more you make the brain work, the slow time feels like passing. And making the brain work is, not doing those mediocre routine things again and again, but really making it look at something new, make it think on it, feed it some really challenging thing, no matter how small that challenge is. A vacation can be a challenge too. You are asking your brain to process something that it is getting for the first time. It is processing it and writing a part of your memory. The more different and off-road the brain goes, slower does the time.

So basically, there are two clocks. The one on the wall, that the world runs with. The other of your brain, that you run with. The world will measure your life with that clock on your wall, but if you think carefully, the life measured with your brain is what actually you lived! Unfortunately, the clock in your brain only calculates the time that you have lived in the present. your daydreams don’t count into this because you are simply replaying the same neurons and not creating any effort in your brain.

Close your eyes for a moment. Breathe in deep. Feel the air passing through your nostrils and filling the lungs. Become aware of your surroundings. listen to the various sounds that you are hearing. feel the temperature of the air, feel the gentle breeze flowing across your skin. feel your weight you are putting on the chair. look at the darkness inside the closed eyes. try to figure out that intriguing smell your nose is sensing. the tase that is lingering on your tongue. be aware of all five senses. keep observing for more than a minute and feel every bit of moment.

Open your eyes

you are right now at the most comfortable place on earth. and still, there is so much to live, right? Living in the moment is just the opposite of living in dreams. You need to be conscious of the time that is passing by and the information that your brain is fed with. your brain will force you out of your comfort zone. Living in present initially is like the first drag from the smoke. you will cough a lot. but later it is dope. you will want more. you will get addicted to it and you won’t be able to stick your ass on the sofa.

Break to make

Easy life sucks, and you won’t even know. You don’t know so many things in the world. Go out, explore them. Put yourself into something you fear about. try doing it. you might fail, so what. you will be proudly living your life! Put yourself on a test. Break your self. Break yourself! fall hard. but remember you have to get up again and move. Nothing but this will make difference to your life. Imagine every bit of time that you have spent on Netflix if was spent on some adventure, even a little one, it would have made a livable memory in your brain. Find adventures around. It is anything that you are afraid of at first place. Be fearless, challenge yourself. The more you break and make yourself, the better you become. Much better than what Netflix and youtube make you, no doubt about that.

And what did I do?

I challenged my fear of writing. I started writing, however I can.

I put myself on

a mountaineering adventure of 8 enduring days.

I challenged my disability of not completing the work I start.

Now, I read books, I write, I study longer than I ever could, I go out on mountaineering, I cook somedays, I workout in the gym regularly, I spend some time of the day doing nothing as well.

It can be small things. You don’t always need to wait for big adventures.

Break yourself so many times that you become unbreakable. THat is the YOU required for bigger adventures. That is when you level up enough to face bigger challenges and difficult times to achieve something that makes you super proud of yourself. Something that will run a spark in your spin when you say the word ‘my life’.



Going incognito

Humans are social animals. They say, if you disconnect a person from society, that person will go insane. Super awesome people do these experiments on humans, locking them in a room alone for weeks and months to see how insane they go and prove the well-known concept-Humans are social animals. They need other humans to get socialize and it helps in growth and development. But there are two things; 1. Being in people you already know, like your family and your friends, 2. Or being in humans you have no idea who they are.


We like to socialize a lot. We have a huge number of festivals when we gather with our family and our friends. Most of the people prefer activities that involve a significant involvement of people. Even families till recent times were extended ones. There is always a huge influence of Parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents on us. They are part of life. An essential part. They are hugely responsible for what we are right now. Our personality, decision making, behaviour and everything depends largely on people we live with. When we are introduced to a new group of people, we realise that there are much more different things to life and we directly or indirectly learn or adopt a lot of things from them, thus, evolving.


Try disconnecting from all these people for a while. Try to explore the world with only one friend of yours and that is you. You are something to you that is going to be with you until the end of your time. You can be your most perfect partner. Try dating with yourself. Go on a tour, with yourself. Lot of things that we find outside are already there inside. Let it be any emotion or answer to some question that is bothering you. Key to every unsolved mystery in your life is there in you, or at least you will find a map of the key or some broken piece of the map. Imagine a person that you want to be your friend for life or life partner. What qualities will he have? How do you want him to be? In this world so full of uncertainties you cannot guarantee any person to be yours for all your life and be exactly what you want. What you expect is something Ideal, isn’t it? And Ideal things don’t exist. But what if I say that it is possible to have such a person, for all your life!

Yes, you can be that friend to you. You can be the way you want that person to be with you. You can build certain abilities and lose some habits to be that Ideal person you would have loved to have. And yes, the bonus; this ‘you’ will be with you for life! Time to become selfish! It’s not bad to be selfish unless its hurting other people, I think.

To change, to become your best friend, you should know what you are right now. Relax, sit back. It’s not that difficult or that complicated as you think. I don’t say that I have mastered this or I know who I am. But I know how to approach. I am experiencing something called self-awareness recently. You must be thinking that there are techniques and methods; some complicated shit. You must have heard of people quitting for life and going to the Himalayas to discover themselves and stuff. But, I don’t think its that difficult. There is only one thing that you need to do to achieve this:

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The Medicine

This is not my first post. It is my fifteenth post. I’ve been trying to be a good guy since a year, filling up my drafts with fourteen incomplete ideas, trying to sort things up and put them in place really carefully so that everyone reading it likes it. It is been more than a year now I’m doing that and what have I got yet. LOL, nothing.


I remember the time when I did not think much about the stuff around until I got a pen and my diary around. I would get it close and just start flowing, into some unstructured shit that later sounded cool. That diary made me look awesome than anything. It got me out in real air and so many freaking cool experiences. And now, after so many years of not writing even a single word about stuff, I don’t know! I just realised that I’m freaking out on some stupid shit and getting my attention off the page I’ve been on, with other guys!

I try to read this back and I realise that this is not that cool. Not cool enough. Why do I want it to be cool! Who am I to decide if its cool or not. This fear is stopping me from doing a shit load of things that I gave up on recently. Damn! When I look back, I just realise that I have started so many things to do. So many ‘Projects’. Btw, I just call any activity that needs timely effort, a project. It doesn’t need to be anything really big. Like, take an example of my medicines. I hardly fall Ill but my health is really bad. I feel unenergetic all the day, I’ve been low on weight and getting a lot of weird pimples on my back. I was unfaithful to a lot of things that I started to get over my bad tiny look. I started the gym, I started the diet but I lost it all. I thought I should get some medical help over this. A professional help! The internet ain’t helping. So I visited an Ayurveda consultant. Who I heard of is really good at her work. She held my hand to check the pulses and told me that there is something really wrong with them. Like I am in stress or something. So I got medicine to fix my pulses (Lol). I took it for two days and then completely forgot about it. Later after a month or so when I saw those one week of pending medicines. I booked an appointment with a hope that I will complete the next course.

The next course was for my stomach. I strongly feel that something is really wrong with my digestive system. I told that to her and she gave me, this time, two medicines to take twice a day for yet another week. The same thing happened again. I gave up on it without even noticing. I failed two projects! I don’t know! Am I failing because I’m calling it a project? I don’t really treat it like that but after all, it is a project to me.

After two more months, when I completely get out of the aftershocks of my Grandmas death, my aunt insists me to try homoeopathy and there I am at the reception. Now I have visited this doctor after 2011. He brought me to notice that I had been to him for the same problem and as far as I remember, I had left taking those medicines too, just in middle someday!


This made me feel terrible. The new prescription says two medicines, three tablets each, four times a day. You see it’s getting complicated with every failure. So does with every other thing in life. I remember what my mentor at my coaching classes told me, “NJ, you are really inconsistent”. I’ve been freaking out at this thing. Getting things completed really needs that extra push that I lack. Maybe because I want things perfect. I really don’t know. But one thing for sure. I am really inconsistent and I really need to take care of this thing as soon as possible. Like I know I discovered this problem of mine several years ago. But it feels like I’ve been in some deep sleep since then. This happens with everything that I do. I really need to move my ass and get things work!

  1. Get consistent

I have really not seen the end of many things that I have started. I feel good about the fact that I have not given up. But I also need to accept the other harsh facts. I failed, but I’m doing it right this time. This I wrote above, is just one thing that I am bad at. I think I need to know about every single thing and get good with it!